The Seagrave Company.

The Seagrave Company.

The Seagrave Company, of Columbus, Ohio, is very busy at the present time filling a large number of orders for fire apparatus for service in all parts of the country. During a recent visit to the works, a correspondent states that there were sixteen hose wagons and five aerial trucks building for the New York fire department, two of the order for eighteen wagons having already been shipped. The shops were filled with unfinished trucks, motors, combination wagons and other apparatus, and all hands seemed busy trying to catch up with the work. During the past month the Seagrave Company delivered one aerial truck, one chemical and one combination chemical hose wagon, all motor construction, to Vancouver, B. C. It has also furnished motor combination wagons to Denver and Loveland, Colo., and one each of the same make to Pasadena and Riverside, Cal. There are now contracts on hand for two pieces of apparatus for Seattle, Wash., a chemical and a combination hose wagon, besides a combination wagon for Enslev, Ala. The plant of the company covers 2 1/2 acres of ground, with about 80,000 square feet of floor space. It consists of a machine shop, blacksmith shop, motor shop, woodwork department, assembling, finishing and chemical rooms. When the new two-story brick addition is completed, there will be 10,000 sq. ft. more added to the plant, which will make the whole floor space of the building about 100,000 sq. ft. The new building will be exclusively used for motor apparatus construction.

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The Seagrave Company.


The Seagrave Company.

The Seagrave company, of Columbus. Ohio, announces with the greatest regret that it will be impossible for them to exhibit apparatus at the Grand Rapids covention. This, of course, will be a great disappointment to their many admirers and friends, but owing to the rush of orders in all departments it has been necessary to work day and night to have the numerous contracts completed and delivered on time, which left no time to devote to exhibition pieces. They, how ever, announce that this congested condition will soon be relieved by the completion of additional buildings which will increase the present capacity one-half, and delays need not be feared in the future. The company also states that it has in its factory a full line of motor propelled wagons, combination wagons, chemical engines, aerial trucks, together with the regular line of horse drawn apparatus completed and in course of construction. which it will be pleased to show and demonstrate; and hereby extend a most cordial invitation to all the fire chiefs and other interested attendants at the convention to visit their factory at Columbus, Ohio, where every courtesy will be given. This progressive company has been extremely active the past year and congratulations are due the president and general manager, Mr. C. W. Black, and his hustling corps of representatives for the great success achieved, new laurels won, and the increased reputation given to its already deserved one. An incomplete record of the business done should convince the most skeptical that Seagrave apparatus is universally in high favor.


Madison, Wis.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Elizabeth, N. J.

Rochester, N. Y.

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Akron, Ohio.

Peoria, Ill.

Worcester, Mass.

Mobile, Ala.

Syracuse, N. Y.

Denver, Colo., rebuild.

New York, N. Y. (5).

San Diego, Cal.

Columbus, Ohio.

Nashville, Tenn.

Roanoke, Va.

Cheyenne, Wyo.

Minneapolis, Minn.

Louisville, Ky., rebuild.

Vancouver, B. C.. motor.


Sandersonville, Ga.

Snartansburg, S. C.

Monmouth Beach, N. J.

Houston, Tex

Helmar, N. J.

Portage, Ohio.

Jeffersonville, Ind.

Norwood, Ohio,

Keliker, Minn.

Oakes, N. Dak.

Peabody, Mass.

Olivia, Minn.

Zanesville, Ohio.

Havana, Cuba (3).

Binghamton, N. Y.

Rensselaer, N. Y.

South Sharon, Pa

Bradley Beach. N. I.

Scotch” Plains, N. J.”

Pittsburg, Pa.

Owensboro, Kv

Gary, Ind.

Burlington. Vt.

Keyport, X

Waynesboro. Ga

Columbus, (Ibio

New Orleans, La

Nampa. Idaho.

Daytona, Fla.

Muskegon, Mich.

Ashville. N. C.

Fllendalc, X. Dak

Carlstadt, N. J.


Covington, Ky.

Des Moines, la.

Prescott, Ariz.

Racine Wis. 12).


San Francisco, Cal

Louisville, Ky.

Urbana, Ohio.

Colorado Springs, Colo.N’ew Castle, Ind.

Fort Collins, Colo,

York. Neb.

Boulder, Colo. (2).

Nyack, N. Y.

Wellington, Kan

Mt. Clemens, Mich

Norfolk. Neb,

Albuquerque, N. M.

Rushville, Ind.

Vancouver, Wash.

Greenville. S. C.

Bainbridgc, Ga.

Merced, Cal.

Rensselaer, N. Y.

Houston, Tex.

Camden, N. J. (2).

Cripple Creek, Colo.

Salt Lake. Utah.

Wichita, Kan.

Charleston, S. C.

Oklahoma, Okla.

Nampa. Idaho.

Evansville, Ind.

Dawson, Ga

I.aGrange, Ga.

Bay City. Mich.

New York, N. Y. (21).

Clarksdalc, Miss.

Savannah, Ga.

Hartsville, S, C.

LaCrossc, Wis

Beaumont. Tex.

Los Angeles, Cal. (4).

Pittsburg, Pa. (5)

Brewton, Ala.

Spokane. Wash

Grand Island. Neb.

Morristown, Tenn.

Cliffside Park. N. J.

Pctoskcy, Mich.

Park City, Tenn.

Isthmian Canal Comm.

Fairbanks, Alaska.

Columbus, Ohio (5).

Sterling, Ill


Vancouver. B. C. (6). Vancouver, B. C. (75-ft.

Seattle. Wash.

Denver. Colo.

New Orleans, La.

Mobile, Ala.

Pasadena. Cal.

Ocean City. N. J.

Loveland. Colo.


Riverside, Cal.

Lewiston. Idaho.

Gary, Ind.

Wheeling, W. Va.

Tacoma. Wash.

Walla Walla, Wash.